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LEO Ieiri – Sabrina (unboxing)

Release Date: 2012/02/15
Catalog No.: VIZL-454
Number of discs: 2

This is the LEO Ieiri’s debut single – “SABRINA” released more that a year ago. Limited edition is hard to find, I had to buy it from Japanese online auction via middleman. I think it is the most beautiful cover of all her released singles.

Leo Ieiri - Sabrina

Leo Ieiri - Sabrina

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Leo Ieiri’s new single – “Message”

The new Leo Ieiri’s single will be released on May 22nd in 3 different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition. I have preordered both limited editions and thinking about the regular one. It’s tempting. I want to support her and buying her CDs it’s the way for me.

Limited edition covers, Type A and Type B.
Leo Ieiri - Message Leo Ieiri - Message

Regular edition cover.
Leo Ieiri - Message

Very short song preview.

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Leo Ieiri 1st live tour preview

Today, Leo Ieiri official youtube channel uploaded the first Leo Ieiri live tour preview.

I wrote a while back that I have already preordered blu-ray version of her live tour. Can’t wait for release.
LEO - 1st Live Tour / Leo Ieiri
LEO – 1st Live Tour [Limited Release] [Blu-ray]

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Leo Ieiri – LEO (unboxing)

Release Date: 2012/10/24
Catalog No.: VIZL-502
Number of discs: 2
Available at cdjapan.co.jp

Yesterday Leo Ieiri received the “Best New Artist” award at the annual music award show “The 54th Kagayaku! Japan Record Awards”. I think she deserve it. She has a very good voice, her songs are great and she did a great job this year. I saw a short preview of her debut single on YouTube and liked it very much.

I have started to buy J-POP CDs only this fall so I have only her debut album “LEO” and her latest single – “Bless You”. Limited edition of her album doesn’t come with photobook, maybe it’s because she isn’t a very popular at the moment and publisher doesn’t want to throw money for decent limited edition bonuses. However I have received a very nice poster together with first press edition.

Leo Ieiri – LEO

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Leo Ieiri blu-ray

Several hours ago CDJapan.co.jp has added new items: Leo Ieiri’s blu-ray and dvd. There is no addition info. I don’t know what it is, but I think it will be a live performance. Maybe it is her birthday concert. In any case I want to preorder it know not knowing what it is. Leo is the best newcomer in 2012 by my opinion. I love her music very much, she has a great voice and she is a good songwriter.


UPD. CDjapan added the description for this items: “First video product from Leo Ieiri mainly features her concert held at Umeda Club Quattro in Osaka plus digests of her one-man concerts held in various regions. Also contains rehearsal footage, backstage footage, documentary on the 1st one-man tour, and more. Contains a total of 120-minute contents (subject to change). The cover artwork corresponding to DVD & Blu-ray are different from each other.”

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